What is 45North?

45North is a medically accurate and science based Sexual Education and Relationship Training curriculum designed for use in public schools grades 7th and 8th.  The 45North program utilizes curriculum from The Center for Relationship Education. Our well-trained, relatable, and effective educators utilize their REAL Essentials Curricula SuiteThis medically accurate, evidence-based and engaging curricula equips young adults with relationship skills proven effective for establishing healthy connections among peers, family members, and romantic partners. Healthy relationships are an essential component of life success, and REAL Essentials teaches students skills for achieving them.

The 45North Approach

45North is unique in its holistic approach to teaching students about relationships using fun and interactive lessons. Students love that the presenters are authentic and open with them. The lessons are designed to be memorable, and make a lasting and meaningful impression.

45North is a sexual risk avoidance model that addresses how to eliminate all risk involved with teen sex rather than focusing on reducing teen sex risk by increasing contraceptive usage.

45North Program Topics

The 45North curriculum includes these topics:

  • Anatomy
  • STI/STD (sexually transmitted infections/diseases)
  • Sexual integrity
  • Setting boundaries
  • Understanding friendship, dating and love
  • Pornography
  • Decision-making
  • And other issues affecting contemporary young people.

What's being said about 45north

I learned a lot about diseases, setting boundaries, steps to a healthy relationship. It was a lot of fun. — Student at Three Forks Middle School